Public Projects


Russian IT-Sector Crisis in 2022

Public Case: the investigation of the crisis in the information technology sector in Russia in 2022, based on the Socio-Technological Ecosystem Model. Top 3 sessions on the Highload++ Foundation 2022 conference (see also the follow-up article on Habr).

The Corporate Metaverse & Antiverse Research

Public Case: Expansive research on the potential development of the Metaverse in corporate scenarios, based on direct and inverted Technology Maturity Maps. The research is co-authored by Constantin Kichinsky, Aleksei Kalenchuk & Ekaterina Filatova. The report is available in Russian. The maturity model is available in English.

Spectral Thinking: Inclusive Core Series

The "Inclusive Core" series of articles covering foundational concepts of Inclusive Design and its derivatives in Spectral Thinking.


Corporate Future 20.35 (map) & Corporate Forks Series

The Corporate Future 2035 map (for the National Technology Initiative Platform, created with the support of Alena Geydt) and the Corporate Forks series of articles (in Russian).


Spectral Thinking Winter School

An in-person deep-dive and training on Inclusive Design, Spectral Thinking, and Digital Transformation, delivered with the support of Maria Shorina and Mikhail Chepurin and co-hosted by the Digital Horizon team.

The school covered: the core principles of Inclusive Design (mismatch, persona spectrum), various case analysis tools (audience inversion, persona network, crisis mode, friend or foe, circle of debunking, trends as threats, etc.), generalization of the mismatch-spectrum pair, various brainstorming tools (prototyping, what if, TAMR, spectrum canvas, trends hexagons, business compass, Kipman's matrix, roadmaps, etc.) and various approaches for packaging (vision, strategies, marketing hypothesis, scenarios, etc.).

Duration: 2 months
Participants: 15 students, including employees from Microsoft, Digital Horizon, Acronis, G3ict, EY, NSPK, and Skolkovo Foundation.

Post-COVID Conference Design for AVRA

Public Case (2020): Post-COVID conference experience – online session for the AR/VR Association, AVRA. Session objective: explore key values of an offline conference and explore options on how to convey them into a digital experience.


Interns onboarding @ Dodo Brands

Public Case: A full-day workshop for 30 students with a deep dive into the barriers and future of kitchen automation, based on the Spectrum Canvas tool. Designed with the support of Elizaveta Shvets.

Strategy session "Focus on IP" @ Rospatent

Public Case: A full-day workshop for startup founders and senior teams. Session objective: explore the IP challenges laying ahead of the startups.

For the session, we designed a set of cards around the most frequent challenges startups face in dealing with intellectual property creation and protection. Created with the support of Maria Doroshenko & Rospatent PR team.