🔮The Future Of...

  • Knowledge Collaboration Tools. The knowledge management tools reached a culmination point in their lifetime and might use approaches developed for modern collaborative tools and information management and analysis tools to be reborn in a new way.
  • The Post App Store Monetization. We are in the early days of new emerging monetization models that should over time overlay the current ones.
  • Why have universities failed to go online? The stories of how universities rooted in their buildings and traditional classes were going to be substituted by online education count for more than a decade now. Lots of talks, forecasts, speculations — and it still never happened.
  • 25 skills to learn if you are planning to reign the Deep Tech World. What does it take to build a new [deep] technology market in the XXI century? The short answer is simple: a colossal bulk of multidisciplinary skills and approaches, none of which is considered today an established academic discipline.